What is Power BI administration?

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Power BI administration is the management of a Power BI tenant, including the configuration of governance policies, usage monitoring, and provisioning of licenses, capacities, and organizational resources. This article provides an overview of administration roles, tasks, and tools; and links to articles that go into more detail.

Power BI is designed for self-service business intelligence, and the administrator is the guardian of data, processes, and policies in the Power BI tenant. A Power BI administrator is a key member of a team that includes BI developers, analysts, and other roles. The administrator can help support an organization to make sure that critical goals are met:

  • Understand the KPIs and metrics that users actually need
  • Decrease the time to delivery for IT-led corporate reporting
  • Increase adoption and return on investment from a Power BI deployment

The job is to make business users productive and ensure security and compliance with laws and regulations. Responsibilities may include help and support and, in many cases, assisting business users to do the right thing.

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