QlikView 12.10 Service Release 2 BUG FIXES

QlikView 12.10 Service Release 2 is now available

On Jan 26 2017 Gregory Hood updated about new release of  QlikView 12.10 Service Release 2 on Qlikview Community.

We are pleased to confirm that QlikView 12.10 SR2 is now available for download and installation.   12.10 SR2 is a pure service release and only includes bug fixes.

Before upgrading any software read the release notes thoroughly and ensure you backup your system before making any changes.

QlikView 12.10 SR2 includes only bug fixes. Release Note is now cumulative and includes bug-fixes for all Service releases on 12.10 track.




  1. Ajax Calendar Object doesn’t display text when it’s based on variable
  2. Issue with wildcard load from folder
    Description: If you try to reload a script with wildcard it will fail in QV12.10 – error message “Bad Zip File”
  3. Sort by expression does not work if conditional dimension is hidden
    Description: In QlikView 12.10, it is not possible to sort a straight table by an expression where at least one conditional dimension in that table is hidden by the *_””Enable Conditional””_* option.
  4. When using Site minder, default images from QlikView are being blocked
  5. Windows 10 Export QV object opens a QvsViewClient.aspx
  6. Can’t make selection in AJAX Calendar object if it’s variable based
  7. Loop and Reduce/Distribute via QVS distribution much slower
  8. Script function evaluate() freezes QV Desktop on reload
  9. Ajax: Not possible to select single year in calendar
  10. Ajax: Not possible to select single digit year in calendar
  11. Remove last document state changed behavior

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