How to clean BI server cache

How to clean BI server cache

Follow these steps to clean AdaptiveProcessingServer (APS) cache:

  1. Log into the CMC and go to Servers> Servers List
  2. Right-click the <Node>.AdaptiveProcessingServer entry and select Stop Server. (Server running with errors)
  3. Right-click the <Node>.AdaptiveProcessingServer > Metrics – Look for Friendly name (register name)
  4. Once stopped, navigate to:
    1. In Windows –  <INSTALL_DIR>\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\java\pjs\container\work
    2. For Linux\Unix – <INSTALL_DIR>/sap_bobj/enterprise_xi40/java/pjs/container/work
  5. Take a back-up of the sub-folder matching APS and move it outside BusinessObjects.
  6. Delete the folder and contents of: <Node>.AdaptiveProcessingServer
  7. Log into the CMC and go to Servers> Servers List
  8. Right-click <Node>.AdaptiveProcessingServer and select Restart Server
  9. The <Node>.AdaptiveProcessingServer folder will be recreated (similar to the Tomcat cache)

Note: It may take some time to completely recreate all of the work files even after the EIMAdaptiveProcessingServer shows as running in CMC.

It is always good practice to rebuild AdaptiveProcessingServer cache after few months.

Deleting AdaptiveProcessingServer (APS) service cache can help resolve some issues.

The cache is rebuilt after AdaptiveProcessingServer (APS) restart.

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