Known Issues in SAP BI 4.2 SP5: Issues related to BI Administrators’ Cockpit

Issues related to BI Administrators’ Cockpit

  1. Usage count indicates the view events available in Audit DB. There may be inconsistency in usage count with different applications, since different applications write to Audit DB differently for a view event. For example, in the case of Web Intelligence, View events are generated both for viewing and scheduling. But, for Crystal Reports, View events are generated only for viewing and not for scheduling.
  2. Users may experience a performance issue when working with large repositories. To know more about how to define large repositories, refer to the SAP BusinessObjects BI Sizing Guide.
  3. In BI Administrators’ Cockpit, the following is a list of data that will not be translated after changing the Product Locale and the Preferred Viewing Locale:


  1. Type of Server
  2. Status of the Server : Running /Failed/Stopped
  3. State of the Server

Document Last Instance

  1. Status
  2. Type

Content usage

  1. Active and Inactive content
  2. Content Type
    • BI Administrators’ Cockpit might not work when BOE web application server (for example Tomcat) and WACS are deployed on different domains.
    • In Mozilla Firefox, BI Administrators’ Cockpit shows the error message “A network error occurred for all dashboards”. This error occurs when you enable Trusted Authentication in CMC for WACS server and enable mutual authentication on a web application server (for example TOMCAT).

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