How to refresh Webi report automatically after n seconds

How to refresh Webi report automatically after n seconds


  •  Want to refresh a Webi report automatically after n seconds.


  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.2 SP3 Patch 10
  • HTML Mode


  1. In CMC, use the drop down to go to Applications.
  2. Select Web Intelligence.
  3. Under properties, ensure javascript is enabled.
  4. In BI Launchpad, create a document and under document properties, set it to refresh on open.
  5. Drag a blank cell over the report and set its text to:<script>




  6. Replace n with the desired number of seconds before refreshing (eg. 10 for 10 seconds).
  7. Save the report.
  8. Re-open, right click on the blank cell inserted , choose ‘Format Cell’ and under ‘Read content as’ choose HTML.
  9. Save the report again.
  10. That’s it, it will refresh each n seconds without manual intervention.

This is only possible in HTML mode within BI launchpad, not applet or in Webi Rich Client.

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