Rights required for a user to access and perform promotions using Promotion Management

Rights required for a user to access and perform promotions using Promotion Management [How-To]

  • What are the steps to set rights on Promotion Management only for a specific user?
  • Need to create delegated user / administrator to perform promotions


  • SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.x (BI 4.0 / 4.1 / 4.2)
  • Windows
  • Linux / Unix


Chapter 15 in the Administrator Guide describes the rights available for Promotion Management and how to set them.

To set specific rights in the promotion management application application, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into Central Management Console (CMC) and select Applications.
  2. Select Promotion Management >> Select User Security
  3. Select a user. You can view or assign security rights for the user.
  4. The following promotion management specific rights are available:
    1. Allow access to edit overrides
    2. Allow access to Include Security
    3. Allow access to LCM administration
    4. Allow access to Manage Dependencies
    5. Create Job
    6. Delete Job
    7. Edit Job
    8. Edit LCMBIAR
    9. Export as LCMBIAR
    10. Import LCMBIAR
    11. Promote Job
    12. Rollback Job
    13. View and Select BOMM (BusinessObjects Metadata) Objects
    14. View and Select Business Views
    15. View and Select Calenders
    16. View and Select Connections
    17. View and Select Profiles
    18. View and Select QaaWS
    19. View and Select Report Objects
    20. View and select Security settings
    21. View and select Universes
  5. The promotion management application access rights are set within the CMC.
  6. If you wish to assign rights to a selected user, select the appropriate right and click Assign Security.

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