xcelsius dashboard stuck in initializing

Xcelsius dashboard stuck in initializing

Environment: – SAP BO 4.x with Windows Server

Hello All,

We have seen many users are facing this issue xcelsius dashboard stuck in initializing or when user open xcelsius dashboard client tool and try to add new universe query, after selecting universe option it takes infinite time to load universe list and end with some error message to check SAP KBA 1668437.

When you try to open dashboard using BI launchpad it will run for some time then you will get 2022 error message which is session expiry error.

we open 3 cases with sap but even sap was not sure what was the problem. After spending 4-5 days finally we got problem was with environment variable class path. There is no relationship between that dashboard and backend database driver but still, don’t know why it causing an issue.

Remove \ from the end of IBM class path.

old path c:\<Directory>\IBM\

New Path old path c:\<Directory>\IBM

I hope this article will save your some time. 


windows server 2012 environment variable class path



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