GST India – Changes to Master data- DDIC activities

GST India – Changes to Master data- DDIC activities

The Government of India is planning to introduce GST in 2017. This SAP Note creates the DDIC objects which are prerequisite for the GST relevant code changes. SAP Note 2385575 contains the code changes for master data.

Disclaimer: –

The note contains information based on the Model GST law currently available in public domain. The information offered is subject to change without prior notice due to factors outside/beyond the control of SAP. This version of the note contains a soft switch which customers need to modify in order to test in their systems (refer to SAP Note 2417506 for more details). Since the new rules are not yet out as notifications, SAP recommends that you take legal opinion, along with the documentation of the soft switch provided, before implementing these notes in your productive environment. SAP also suggests that you perform an assessment on the risks involved before implementing this note.

Once the final GST law and rules are available, SAP will release further corrections (if applicable) via new notes.

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Reason and Prerequisites

Reason:  Legal change

Are you ready with the prerequisites for GST mentioned below? If not, make sure that you fulfil them before applying this note.

  1. Minimum support pack that the customer should be on is provided in the following note –
  2. TAXINN is the default tax procedure. Please refer to the following FAQ note related to the migration of the tax procedure –


Implement the steps as per the following instructions:
EHP8 and higher release:  Implement the steps mentioned in the attached document”GST_Package_Creation_EHP8.pdf”.
– EHP7 and lower release: Implement the steps mentioned in the attached document”GST_Package_Creation_ECC6.0_EHP7.pdf“.

NOTE: This is preparatory action for creating DDIC objects in your system for the code changes introduced in SAP Note 2385575.

  1. Implement the corrections relevant for your release.
  2. Execute the report ‘NOTE_2405502’ and follow the instruction as given in the selection screen of the report, to create DDIC objects in your system.
  3. If above program does not work for you due to lower SAP_BASIS version, follow the manual steps as per the attached document ‘Bupla_DDIC.pdf’ and ‘Vendor_Master_DDIC.pdf’ respectively to create DDIC objects.
  4. Follow the steps mentioned in the document “Business_Partner_Screen_Regeration_Steps.pdf“.
  5. Follow the steps mentioned in the document “Vendor_Master_Screen_Changes.pdf” to apply changes relevant for Vendor master.
  6. Follow the steps mentioned in the document “Extending_Pricing_Structures.pdf” to extend pricing structures with new Vendor Classification field.
  7. Follow the steps mentioned in the document “GST_Partner_Search_Help_Creation.pdf” and “Search_Help_HSN_SAC_MM_Creation.pdf” to create Search helps.


Version Change Details

Version Date Reason
1 16.12.2016 Released for Customer.
2 19.12.2016 Package creation document updated with new application component.
3 21.12.2016 UDO report updated. Attached document “Vendor_Master_Screen_Changes.pdf”.
4 22.12.2016 Attached document “Vendor_Master_Screen_Changes.pdf”.
5 29.12.2016 Attached document “Extending_Pricing_Structures.pdf”.
6 30.01.2017  Pre-requisites updated.
7 01.02.2017  Note text changed and Pre-requisites updated.
8 03.05.2017  Final Release.

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