GST India: SAP ERP Solution Notes

GST India: SAP ERP Solution Notes


This SAP Knowledge Based Article contains all the information regarding the GST pre-requisites/FAQs/solutions notes/Knowledge Based Article for Indirect taxes in India.

As you must be aware that the Government of India is planning to roll out GST from 1st of July, 2017. Currently based on the Draft GST Law, SAP has started releasing solution notes for DDIC changes, Screen Changes, Master Data and Transactional data.

Disclaimer: –

The note contains information based on the Model GST law currently available in public domain. The information offered is subject to change without prior notice due to factors outside/beyond the control of SAP. This version of the note contains a soft switch which customers need to modify in order to test in their systems (refer to SAP Note 2417506 for more details). Since the new rules are not yet out as notifications, SAP recommends that you take legal opinion, along with the documentation of the soft switch provided, before implementing these notes in your productive environment. SAP also suggests that you perform an assessment on the risks involved before implementing this note.

Once the final GST law and rules are available, SAP will release further corrections (if applicable) via new notes.


  • SAP R/3
  • SAP ERP Central Component
  • SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP
  • SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP, version for SAP HANA
  • This is relevant for India Localization or Country India version (CIN) component


GST Pre-requisites:

Refer to the below SAP Knowledge Based Article for information on GST pre-requisites (Minimum SP and Tax INJ to INN Migration).

2315692 – Information on GST

Refer to the below SAP Knowledge Based Article if you are not aware of which tax procedure you are using.

2374453 – How to differentiate between TAXINJ and TAXINN in SAP ERP System


GST Solution:

Refer to the GST Launchpad Link for the complete updates on Legal Change Notification for GST, including the solution notes and FAQs.

Refer to the below SAP notes for Information/FAQ on GST.

2405801 – FAQ on Goods and Services Tax (GST)

2386062 – India GST: GSP and ASP

2433488 – FAQ on SAP ASP – GST Digital Compliance Service for India


GST Solution Notes

2405502 – GST India – Changes to Master data- DDIC activities (Production Version)

2385575 – GST India – Changes to Master data (Production Version)

2462786 – GST INDIA: Correction Note to SAP Notes 2385575 & 2405502 (Production Version)

2407980 – GST India – Changes to tax procedure and pricing procedure (Production Version)

2415115 – GST India – Changes to Transaction data- Data Dictionary activities (Production Version)

2417506 – GST India –  Utilities (Production Version)

2376723 – GST IN: BAdI definition for screen enhancement in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM (Production Version)

2378678 – GST IN: BAdI implementation in Enjoy transactions of FI and MM (Production Version)

2419214 – GST IN: Changes to MIRO Invoice item level screen (Production Version)

2419215 – GST IN: Changes for FI Invoice item level screen (Production Version)

2410105 – GST IN: Sales related changes for India GST for sales order creation and Invoice (Production Version)

2410917 – GST IN: Line item wise tax calculation for sales invoices (Production Version)

2416018 – GST India: Stock Transfer (Production Version)

2488563 – GST IN: STO Corrections (SAP_APPL 600, 602 and 603 only) (Production Version)

2486450 – GST IN: Corrections and Improvements to Note 2416018 (Production Version)

2382903 – GST IN: Defaulting No excise entry for GST material in excise tab in transaction – MIGO while doing goods receipt (Production Version)

2434518 – Disabling excise invoice creation in background in tcode – VF01 for GST material (Production Version)

2446083 – GST India: Removal of Country Constant from J_1B_LOCALIZATION_SRV Structure (Production Version)

2444868 – GST India: External Service Management (Production Version)

2478039 – GST IN: Corrections to Note 2444868 (Production Version)

2481166 – GST India: Correction to External Service Procurement Test Class (Production Version) —-> VALID ONLY FOR SAP_APPL 618

2456927 – GST India: Changes to manual steps provided in the attachments of SAP Note 2415115 (Production Version)

2458404 – GST India: Import (Production Version)

2491302 – GST India: Import Cess (Production Version)

2482200 – GST India –  DDIC activity and configurations for GST compensation CESS (Production Version)

2482349 – GST IN : Reverse Charge Configuration (Production Version)

2482854 – GST: Invoice Form (Production Version)

2484361 – GST IN: Data Dictionary Changes for Subcontracting/Jobwork (Production Version)

2483852 – GST IN: Subcontracting process /Jobwork (Production Version)

2487589 – GST India: Data Dictionary Activities for Official Document Numbering (Production Version)

2472623 – GST India: Official Document Numbering (Production Version)

2489866 – GST India: Official Document Numbering (Production Version) —-> VALID ONLY FOR SAP_APPL: 606 SP (17,18 and 19)

2490434 – GST India: Corrections to Official Document Numbering Solution (Production Version)

2483103 – GST India: Input Tax Credit Reversals and Re-credit – DDIC activities (Production Version)

2490051 – GST India: Input Tax Credit Reversals and Re-credit Program changes (Production Version)

2491967 – GST India: Corrections to Note 2483103 (Production Version)

2483086 – GST IN: Down Payment OR Advance payment changes for India GST (Production Version)

2491575 – GST IN: Account determination for down (advance) payment and down payment clearing happening wrongly (Production Version)

2491818 – Error FS 210 when releasing a SD billing document with down payment clearing to accounting since the introduction of Indian GST (Production Version)


Below are the production note for Extended Withholding Tax:

2487373 – GST India: Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) (Production Version)

2492247 – Migration Report for TAN Based Exemption based on Business Partner PAN Number (Production Version)

2484946 – TAN Based Exemption based on Business Partner PAN Number (Production Version)

2487931 – Corrections to Withholding tax report due to GST TDS (Production Version)


Below is the production note for ReFx (REAL ESTATE) solution:

2440811 – Goods and Services Tax (GST) – 2017 changes (Production Version)


Below is the production note for SRM GST India Localization solution:

2483890 – SRM GST India Localization : Information on India GST related changes in SRM (Production Version)


Below are the production note for CRM GST India Localization solution:

2462095 – CRM GST India: Changes to Master data and Transaction Tax Engine(TTE) (Production Version)

2479236 – CRM GST India: Billing relevant corrections (Production Version)

2479948 – CRM GST India: Transfer of GST specific fields from CRM billing document to ECC accounting document (Production Version)


Note: Please note that the above SAP GST Solution Notes which have been marked as <Production Version> can be applied to the DEV system keeping in mind the information as mentioned in the DISCLAIMER.


GST Solution Implementation Issues (In case you face issue while or after implementing GST Solution Notes)

2413682 – GST India: Missing Objects when Implementing SAP GST Notes

2418631 – GST India: Issues while applying SAP Note 2415115

2419803 – GST India: GSTIN not updating/saving in Business place view

2433412 – GST India: J_1I_CUSTOMS Data element definition missing

2435176 – GST India: J_1IG_INV gives dump for FM  J_1IG_GET_PLANT_DETAILS

2410053 – GST India: Control Code and GST Vendor Classification fields not available in F

2417939 – GST India: Vendor classification issue in FV11

2412663 – GST India: Error  VT510 Select a document field for XXXX occurs

2428298 – GST India: Control code not fetched for condition record – TAXINN

2431425 – GST India: Error 00002 Enter a valid value, J_1IEXCDEFN

2438376 – GST India: FF713 Tax code XX country IN does not exist in procedure XXXX

2441735 – GST India: Tax not calculated in MIRO

2441042 – GST India: Maintenance of State Codes

2440978 – GST India: Migration from CIN to GST [Consulting]

2456575 – GST IN: New GST fields not visible in MIRO/FB60 tcodes

2431602 – GST India: Plant Abroad Not Supported

2435112 – GST – STO – Error in transaction code J_1IG_INV

2460798 – GST IN: STO Configuration for GST and Stock Transfer Process

2458686 – GST –  MIRO – HSN code description gets updated rather than the code when selec

2446764 – GST IN: Error during GUI status  J_1IG_STO_STAT creation

2459388 – GST IN: Tax number 3 field not visible in XD01/XK01

2420891 – GST India: Maintenance of Business Place wise GL Determination

2460396 – GST India: Outbound GST Invoice not Fetching GL as per Business Place

2448075 – GST India: Error F5670 while Releasing Outbound GST Invoice to Accounting

2430349 – GST India: Maintenance of HSN/SAC Codes

2469458 – GST India: Tax Tariff Code Field not available in Service Master

2448047 – GST India: Separate GST Invoices for each GSTIN Registration (Business Place)

2469505 – GST IN: SAC code not updating in MIRO for Service PO

2469543 – GST IN: Tax ind. f. material field is not visible in material master

2468361 – GST IN: Taxes Tab hidden in service line item

2459379 – GST IN: BSEG table not updated with GST fields while releasing billing document

2474348 – GST India  – Control code field value is not autopopulated from masterial maste

2474945 – GST India: How to include fireight cost into GST tax amount during MIRO

2479100 – GST IN: Business area and Profit center error in J_1IG_INV

2476293 – GST IN: Excise tab and No excise entry in MIGO

2475533 – GST IN: Assessable value field in MIRO is not editable

2478499 – GST India : Syntax Error – Component ‘CUSTOMS_VAL’ is missing

2471819 – GST IN: Information on Tax Indicator(TAXIM)

2480864 – GST IN: CIN Tab is not activating in Vendor Master(XK02, XK03)

2474197 – GST India: Import Process

2478368 – GST India: SAPLMR1M Screen 6310 – “Element DRSEG-***** touches or overlaps other element”

2484372 – After GST implementation TCS tax line are calculated wrongly

2483249 – GST IN: FB60/FB70 not working for MM/SD access sequence

2486424 – GST India: Control code not available under “Foreign Trade Tab”

2486291 – GST India: Error “No response from Graphical Screen Painter – Abort waiting?”

2486216 – GST India: Tax Display Issue in Service PO -> Invoice Tab

2487384 – GST India: Tax Categories not deleted from Table KNVI

2488224 – GST India: Utilization of I/O Taxes

2488518 – GST IN: Wrong Vendor Classification determined in Purchase Order

2488559 – GST IN: Tax Tariff code not visible in Service PO

2490351 – GST IN: J1IGSUBCON tcode- Create challan option not visible

2448045 – GST India : Taxes should be <Line Item Wise>

2491721 – HSN/SAC code cannot be a mandatory field in Financial transactions

2494310 – GST IN: Subcontracting/Jobwork Process

2494348 – GST IN: J1IGSUBCON Pricing error V1801

2491783 – GST IN: India tab is not visible in Purchase Order


GST Solution Implementation WEBINAR:

2437750 – [EXPERT WEBINAR] GST Solution implementation


You can also refer to the GST India Blog Link for same solution update on GST India solution.

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Refer to the GST India JAM Page link for the proposed GST India Development Roadmap.

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