Central Note for SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge 1708

Central Note for SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge 1708

Reason and Prerequisites

  • The customer must have a HANA Cloud Integration (HCI) account.
  • To use the sample Outbound Logistics Scenario, the customer must have licensing agreements with the integrated applications (for example, Global Track & Trace, Vehicle Insights, and SAP Connected Goods).
  • FloorPlan requires a separate OData service with a predefined interface that is not part of the SAP Leonardo IoT Bridge application. To test, use the mock data service.



  • Predefined Scenarios enable value chain collaboration.
  • Cards enable visibility and situational assessment.
  • Events/Notifications provide preventative capabilities.
  • Personas enable users to take appropriate action.
  • Services provide insight to data from multiple sources.
  • Resolution Support provides prescriptive guidance.
  • Configuration and Extensibility enables the application to meet specific business needs.
  • FloorPlan enables users to visualize indoor spaces in buildings or facilities with a live view and occupancy KPI.

Application Limitations

  • For the Outbound Logistics Scenario, SAP Connected Goods devices cannot be resolved to deliveries.
  • Service authentication other than basic authentication is not supported.
  • Due to platform limitations, principle propogation is not possible in this release.
  • This application is for desktop use only. With Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome are supported. With Apple Macintosh, Safari and Chrome are supported.
  • This release is limited to English only.
  • Personalization is limited to the Overview page (dashboard). Due to platform limitations, there is no variant management.

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