How to connect Tableau to Google Analytics

How to connect Tableau to Google Analytics

Lets first understand what is google analytics and why people want to analyze google analytics data.

Google Analytics is a free tool available by google to track and report website data like Amazon, Flipkart, Facebook our your own blog.

Next questions come in mind why google analytics data is so important?audience

It will give you information from where your visitors come from this is very important to target your audience, How your visitors found your website and most  What keywords were used by visitors in the search engines to get to your website.

To connect to Google Analytics follow below steps.

  • Open Tableau Desktop Tool.
  • While connect Tableau to Google Analytics click on Google Analytics

Tableau Select Google Analytics as data source

  • After clicking on Google Analytics Tableau prompt for Google Sing In. Use your Google Credentials for Sign In

Tableau Sign in to google


  • After using your Google credentials click on Sign In

Tableau Sign in to google


  • Click on Accept button and now you are connected to Google Analytics.
  • Now you can see Account, Property, and profile from Google Analytics. If your Google account has multiple website access then Tableau will allow you to select the respective account and Property with a profile.

Tableau select profile and accounts

  • Next Option is to select the Date range for what you want to analyze data in Table Desktop Software.

Tableau Select Date range

  • Next step is to select Dimensions and Measures we wish to analysis using Tableau Desktop. Note: Google Analytics API allow to only select 7 Dimensions and 10 Measures. Date dimension is added by default and Tableau can aggregate date itself. You can use Search option to add Measure or Dimensions.

Tableau select Dimensions and measures



  • After selecting Measure or Dimensions. give connection name and click on sheet1.

Tableau Connection name


  • Once you click on Sheet 1, Analytic data automatically pulls into the Tableau in memory fast data engine as Tableau data extractor. This saves local copy of data on our machine in default file path, It is snapshot of google analytic data when they have taken.

Tableau Creating Extract

  • You can edit data source by right click on data source name and choose edit data sources.

Tableau report


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