Tableau 10.2 – New Features in Beta! Part 2

Tableau 10.2 – New Features in Beta! Part 2

Welcome back folks, In the first part we have seen What’s new in Tableau about Sophisticated geospatial and statistical analysis.

In 2nd part, we are going to see how we can Simplify data access

Simplified data access for everyone

Union updates

Get to your analysis faster with the ability to union tables from a SQL Server, MySql, Oracle, Postgres, Redshift, or HP Vertica database within Tableau Desktop. You can also union local JSON files. Tableau is really fantastic because it’s started to support JSON in SAP BO the latest version 4.2 is not yet support JASON, that’s why Tableau is leading BI tool in market.

Automatic DateParse

Now we can Transform our data from a string to a date type; no calculations required. Simply choose date type and Tableau will parse your data into the right format. Bravo Amazing…

Join calculations

Create custom joins through calculations. Now you can bring multiple data sources together, even if the field names don’t match.

 New connectors

Below is the list of new connectors which Tableau started to support.

 In Part three we will see What’s new in Tableau 10.2 about Improved flexibility for the enterprise Deploy Tableau at scale with new security, governance and extensibility features.

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