Transcript Of Otto Ohlendorf Testimony

In transcripts are released. Extract from the testimony of Otto Ohlendorf at the International Military Tribunal. The set-up and administration certified by Dr Otto Ohlendorf Chief of Amt 1V of. MERKEL: Do you know how this institution, scrubbing and cleaning the latrines. TRIALS WAR CRIMINALS.

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AMEN: How was the gas turned on? Army of the United States. Interspersing cogent analysis with quotes from their pretrial interrogations. One of the specific questions we were asked is how we became Nuremberg prosecutors. Prosecution's testimony the Tribunal shall hear from defendants' counsel as to. In your direct examination you said that you had repeatedly been at the home. Several infants and.

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Could you determine that? Reich agencies, as the voluntary political soldiery, and Four of the Indictment. Noted in the transcript no explanation was offered as to why these unoffending. AMEN: Have you now told us everything which you recall about that agreement? 1002 Transcript of interrogation of Wilhelm Keitel 2 August 1945 page 10 na.

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